Results - Studio Mi

Where cutting edge, progressive style is represented in our exclusive environment. Studio Mi is an Edmonton based hair salon that is truly different and truly reflects the owners’ personalities. The studio consists of three different feature rooms, each operated and uniquely designed by an individual owner, with an additional guest artist room to provide even more creative options.It is a salon that is unlike anything else this city has to offer.


The Challenge

Studio Mi first opened its doors in December 2014 and wanted to make a mark on the city.  They wanted their starkly different personalities to be completely incorporated into the look and feel of their website and the brand as a whole.

The Solution

Since the owners of Studio Mi are so passionate about their work and are so unique from all the salons in the city, we wanted to give them branding and a website that would  match their uniqueness AND their enthusiasm. The logo is modern, sharp and stands out on its own. However, the logo is soft enough not to overpower the personality in the salon. It also complements and does not conflict when placed on and alongside their salon signage. The website was another game altogether, we wanted the site to mirror the feel of their salon. in part, we aimed for a smaller, digital version of their salon, inspired by the owners’ vibrant personalities. We incorporated a small video to the home page to introduce the owners/stylists, their rooms, and the salon as a whole. Beautiful wide-angle shots of the salon add a flavor and a sense of modernity to the site. An introduction of each stylist in their room lends personality and provides an inside, almost behind the scenes look. Prioritizing and optimum placement of their social media feeds completes this unique website.

Not only is the site filled with beautiful imagery of the salon, stylists, and their clients; it is also content driven. There is a vital, live news feed section which updates clients and potential customers of the happenings at Studio Mi. This section provides a palpable connection to their target audience and gives the owners a chance to relay important information.